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Tint Pros has over 30 years of experience in the automotive business. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. Servicing our customers is our number one goal. The owner (Zafer Yousef) was factory trained in 1988 for window tinting and paint correction (buffing/polishing),  2007 for Paint Protection and 2015 for Ceramic coating. He and his wife have more combined experience in these fields than anyone in Northeast Ohio.  

Tint Pros Window Tinting provides high end window tinting for the automotive market and  commercial window tinting  industries. Tint pros also offers 3m and Premium Shield, 3M, Xpel and Suntek automotive vehicle paint protection film. Another type of protection Tint Pros offers is the Ceramic Pro ceramic paint coating. We do carry a few different brands as well. Ask us about the many benefits of Ceramic coating for your car or truck. Our brands are: Flightshield, Ceramic Pro, Camui, Cquartz, System X, Terrashield and a few other Ceramic car coatings to protect the paint on the vehicles exterior, wheels, windows and interior surfaces. 

3m Automotive window tinting has many benefits. It protects the vehicles interior, keeps the interior cooler and cuts glare while driving. Also, window film is a great u.v. blocker, preventing damage to your interior, your skin and your eyes. If you are a vehicle owner and like the look and feel of having window tint, let Tint Pros Window Tinting take care of your window tinting needs.

3M and Premiumshield Automotive Clear bra, automotive paint protection comes in many names; clear shield, paint protection, bumper protection, stone guard and so on. This thick, yet unnoticable rubber type material can be applied to any part of your vehicle. This helps protect from rock chips, bugs and front end damage due to road conditions. This can be applied to used vehicles, however it is best to be done upon purchasing the new vehicle. Damage can happen fairly quick once the vehicle is driven and this may show in the stone guard application.  

Window films applied to buildings can be virtually invisible, rejecting up to 79% of solar energy, keeping heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer reducing expensive energy use. Window film can save you up to 40% on energy cost during the peak use of air conditioning by using commercial/building window tint.



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Commercial Buildings Windows Films

Window Film for Commercial Buildings



Window Film may enhance a buildings appearance or be subtle enough to go un-noticed, except for the fact that films reject up to 79% of solar energy keeping the heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer reducing energy costs by up to 40% while saying goodbye to squinting and eye discomfort from sun glare.


Residential Window Tint

Ceramic Car Coatings





1 Maintaining Value

If you opt for automotive ceramic paint coating, rest assured that your vehicle will be able to withstand the effects of weather, bird droppings and other external elements. This helps to maintain the value of your vehicle which otherwise depreciates with usage.

2 Crisp And Clear Paint

Ceramic paint is clear and hence gives a shining look to your car. This coating is definitely going to help your car maintain its showroom shine.

3 Easy to Clean

The higher the pittance in a car the more is the scope of dirt sticking to its surface. Even when dirt comes in contact it finds no place to stick to and your car remains as clean as you want.

4 9h+ Hardness

Most of the automotive coats have a hardness level of 4-7 h. However ceramic paint coats have a hardness level of 9h which means that any slightest abrasion is not going to harm your car.

5 UV Protection

The impact of the sun can hardly oxidized the colour of your paint as this coating comes with a UV protection.

6 Scratch Resistant

If you use a pencil to scratch the surface you will find that it does not leave any impact on the same.

7 Chemical Resistant

The surface of your car has to face a lot of attacks every day and one of them could be chemicals. However, the ceramic coating is chemical resistant and your car stays safe from any of these.

8 Water Repellent

Since the surface of the car remains extremely smooth there is no scope for any water getting stored anywhere. This also means that there is reduced the chance of rust and mould affecting your car.

9 Brake dust protection

We take brake dust for granted thinking nothing can be done about it. With ceramic protection the build-up reduces and you do not have to keep cleaning your car again and again.

10 Rail Dust

When your car is transported via a rail small particles of metal get stuck to it which when washed cause small rust spots on the surface. However, if your car is covered with ceramic protection this rail dust would not cling and hence reduce the probability of it getting spoiled.

11 Bird Droppings

This is another factor which unknowingly harms your car. Using a ceramic coating paint protection ensures that any such damage is quickly averted.

12 Hardwater Marks

Using hard water to clean your vehicle can sometimes leave marks which are difficult to remove. But with ceramic protection, there won’t be any such factor trying to spoil the look of your car.

So if you are also wondering about getting a ceramic coating paint protection for your car here we have given you some reasons why it should be considered as a priority. Your car is your most prized possession and shouldn’t it be treated that way.




Automotive Window Tinting

Automobile Tint



A vehicle with tint simply looks better enhancing the beauty of what has become a significant investment while  providing increased comfort by reducing sun glare by blocking UV rays that can cause cancer and protecting the interior from fading.



Vehicle Paint Protection Films


Paint Protection Film



Complete paint protection for the most vulnerable surfaces of your vehicle;  3m Scotchgard patterns and Premiumshield patterns are cut by a computer driven program from a comprehensive list of current and early model automobiles, commercial trucks and RV’s  carrying an industry leading comprehensive warranty against defects. 



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