Automotive Vehicle Paint Protection Film 

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Premiumshield Elite, 3M Scotchgard Pro Clear Shield, Xpel Ultimate Plus, Suntek Ultra Paint Protection/Clear bras offer a new advancement in paint protection film with a unique polyurethane self-healing material that combines extreme toughness and nearly seamless conformability that delivers a perfect fit to a vehicle every time.
Finally, our products come with a manufacturers10 year warranty against material defects including discoloration, peeling or cracking backed up by a Tint Pros warranty on labor.  Also, ask about our optional 3M Paint repair warranty that covers up to $3,500 in damages if the paint beneath the clear bra is damaged. 
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BASIC    $449.00

STANDARD $999.00 (Large Suv's & Trucks $1199.00)

ULTIMATE $2199.00


**10-Year Warranty (Yellowing, Staining, Cracking, Blistering and Delaminating)



                       Additional Areas Of Coverage

  • Full Hood                                           699.00

  • Partial Hood (Standard)                    299.00

  • Full Fenders                                      699.00

  • Fender (Pair-Partial)                         129.00

  • Full Bumper                                      699.00

  • Side View Mirrors                             149.00

  • Trunk Ledge                                     149.00

  • Rocker Panels (Side Skirts)              249.00-499.00

  • Rear Wheel Flares                            99.00-199.00

  • Headlights                                         149.00-199.00

  • Door Cups (Each)                             2-Door 79.00 / 4-Door 149.00

  • Door Edge Guards (Each)                2-Door 79.00 / 4-Door 149.00

  • A-Pillars & Front Of Cab Top            199.00

  • Gas Cap                                            79.00

  • Rear Bumper (Full)                           499.00-799.00

  • Full Vehicle                                       4,500-8,900.00


Vehicle Graphics - By Manufacturer - PremiumShield Vehicle Paint Protection  Film
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