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Frequently Asked Questions For Tint, Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection:


Q: How long will you need to keep my car for a ceramic coating job?

A: Depending on which coating/process you choose we can have it done same day or up to 5 days.


Q: How long will you need my car to apply a clear bra/rock chip protection?

A: We normally keep the car 24 hours to allow the film to dry before driving.


Q: Can rocks penetrate the Clear bra on the front end of my car?

A: In 12 years of applying this product we have seen this happen 2 times. It is very rare. 


Q: Is it true that your products are registered on Carfax?

A: Yes, Our Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings, 3M tinting and 3M Clear Bra/paint protection will all register on your vehicle's Carfax


Q: Do I need an appointment to have my windows tinted? 

A: We try to work on every job with complete focus and do ask that appointments are made so we can concentrate on doing every job correctly, without rushing.


Q: How do I get an estimate to have my windows tinted?

A: You can also call, email or text for an estimate. 


Q: What makes Tint Pros different from any other tint shop? 

A: We specialize in Window Tinting, Ceramic Paint Coating and Automotive Paint Protection only. We use the highest quality products on the market and have over 30 years of experience. We care about each one of our customers and make sure everyone always leaves us happy. And we back up all of our work 100%.


Q: Do you tint all cars (old and new)? 

A: We only tint newer cars. 


Q: Does all of your window tint protect against damaging u.v. rays that are harmful to me and damage the interior of my vehicle?

A: Yes. Actually our films are the only ones recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation for their powerful protection, which stops the sun's damaging u.v. rays.


Q: Do you have a waiting area?

A: We do not have a waiting room/area. Good work can never be rushed. We ask that all cars are dropped off. 


Q: How long does a typical vehicle tint job take? 

A: The average job takes approximately 4-6 hours. We do ask if at all possible to leave the car overnight so we are not rushing. This gives the vehicle time to dry up in the shop before it is driven. 


Q: How long will I need to keep my windows rolled up after the car has been tinted?

A: 3 days is plenty of time. After this you can roll them up and down, clean them, etc.


Q: Where can I see photos of some of your work?

A: Go to our testimonials and gallery page or Facebook @tintpros216. Also, we have several videos on our Youtube channel: Tintprosohio.



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