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Automotive Paint Protection Film
Venture Shield Clear Shield /Premium Shield Paint Protection/Clear bra offers a new advancement in paint protection film with a unique polyurethane material that combines extreme toughness and nearly seamless conformability that delivers a perfect fit to a vehicle every time.

As an authorized 3M dealer for Venture Shield and an Authorized dealer for Premium Shield Tint Pros offers the most comprehensive patterns for all vehicle makes and models, including headlight patterns, full hood and full fender patterns. A high precision plotter driven by a computer program for a perfect fit every time cuts the custom patterns. Tint Pros, with decades of experience handling window film and paint protective films can be trusted to apply paint protection film to your vehicles most vulnerable painted surfaces.

Finally, our products come with a manufacturers 5 year  warranty against material defects including discoloration, peeling or cracking backed up by a 5 year Tint Pros warranty on labor.  Also, ask about our Premium Shield Elite lifetime warranty clear bra. 
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